What is the O.P. Prayer Apostolate?

On the 9th of August, 2021, the O.P. Prayer Apostolate was founded. 

The Apostolate was founded with the intention of assisting both the laity and clergy in building a devotion to the prayer, liturgy, and spirituality of the Order of Preachers, founded by Our Holy Father Saint Dominic in 1216.
The Apostolate is comprised of this website, the O.P. Prayer Apostolate website, which is an archive of Dominican Prayers and Devotions, and also DominicanRite.com, a website founded with the intention of serving as an "archive of information and resources regarding the Dominican Rite and Dominican Liturgical Theology, with the purpose of preserving knowledge of the Dominican Rite, Dominican Liturgical Theology, and to Assist Priests of the Order of Preachers in offering the Mass, and praying the Breviary, according to the Dominican Rite."
Since the founding of the O.P. Prayer Apostolate, this Apostolate has recieved support from some of the Order of Preacher's most distinguished friars, including the Master of the Order himself, the Very Rev. Gerard Timoner III, O.P., as well as the Promoter General of the Holy Rosary, the Very Rev. Lawrence Lew, O.P.
We ask for continued prayers for the Apostolate, through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, Our Holy Father Saint Dominic, and all the Saints of the Order of Preachers.