Novena to Saint Dominic

O Renowned Champion of the faith of Christ, most holy father, St. Dominic, look down from that throne of glory where thou enjoyest the reward of all thy labours upon me, thy poor unworthy child.

I praise and thank God for the exalted degree of sanctity to which he has raised thee, and the special privileges by which he has raised thee, and the special privileges by which he has distinguished thee; and I conjure thee by that gratitude with which thou shalt for all eternity be penetrated to thy divine Benefactor, to root out of my heart whatever is not agreeable in his sight, especially that evil habit by which I most frequently offend him. Obtain, likewise, the favours I request in this Novena.

O glorious Mother of God, Queen of the Sacred Rosary, who didst love Dominic with the affection of a mother, and wert most tenderly loved and honoured by him, vouchsafe to look upon me for his sake with an eye of pity: deign to join with him in presenting my petitions to thy most blessed Jesus whom I sincerely desire from this moment to love with all my heart, and to serve with all my strength.

Mother of my Redeemer, I place myself now under thy powerful protection, as a certain means of obtaining all necessary grace here, and eternal happiness hereafter. Amen.